So, I’ve been working out lately and, man, it’s been paying off. I look awesome in all my leggings and jeans and swimsuit. I hope the rest of you are doing the same. I would also work on exercising your mind, as cheesy as it sounds. Try using Word of the Day and read some good books. I’m currently reading Phantom of the Opera and planning to read The Great Gatsby after.

In addition to exercising mind and body, work on your manners and people skills. Since we’re going to be the Plastics, find some good comebacks/insults and keep them in the back of your mind for when you’re in a fight. Practice acting like a primadonna, princess, etc. Be more condescending and judgmental. I don’t mean rude, by any means. In fact, I would be more sweet and innocent on the outside, and then underneath that outer layer of nice, be more condescending.

The last thing you should be working on in your free time is your organizational skills. Nothing says “ew” more than a messy locker or a messy, unorganized binder. And keep in mind, these changes will only have an influence on your social status if you stick with them. Keep exercising your mind and body, keep working on your social skills, and stay organized. Remember that it takes commitment. And I’m always here if you need help with this. (: